Guest Chefs

Hong Kong is the third destination of the World Tour - Culinary Connection. On this occasion, the delegation will comprise: the Director of the BCC, Joxe Mari Aizega, and the chefs Paco Roncero, Nacho Manzano and the BCC chef lecturer, Luis Arrufat.
During this trip to Hong Kong, the delegation will visit places of culinary and cultural interest, restaurants, markets, etc. to get in-depth knowledge of the place’s gastronomic reality.


Monday 24th June 2013
  • Arrival of the delegation in Hong Kong.
Tuesday 25th June 2013
  • Visit to markets and places of gastronomic interest. Meeting with the media.
Wednesday 26th June 2013
  • Meeting between the Basque Culinary Center delegation and benchmark chefs in modern cuisine from Hong Kong.
  • Presentation of the Basque Culinary Center and the World Tour - Culinary Connection initiative at the HOSPITALITY TRAINING INDUSTRY AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER.
  • Workshops on modern cuisine given by Paco Roncero, Nacho Manzano and Luis Arrufat (Chef lecturer of the BCC) at the HOSPITALITY TRAINING INDUSTRY AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER. These practical workshops will be aimed at lecturers, professionals from the sector, students and the media.
  • Cocktail party for the authorities, the media, gastronomic agents and business owners.
Thursday 27th June 2013
  • Return trip.